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How to Choose Earrings to Match Your Face?

It is a very common behaviour to choose earrings based on the skin tone or the attire.

However, experts suggest that it is more important to select the earrings based on the face type.

Choose earrings that flatter your face type and you are sure to turn a large number of heads. Interesting, isn’t it? Read on to find out more.


If you have the correct understanding of your face shape, then there is a higher chance that you will buy the best earrings for yourself. Also, it is important to note that the overall shape of the earring is as important as the style that you are going for. Its shape has to compliment your face shape.

Below we have listed out the different face shapes and the type of earrings that suit them.


Women with these face shape are indeed lucky as almost all styles suit them. However, a striking appearance can be created by selecting oval-shaped earrings. Even teardrop earrings are a good bet.


It is important to add softness to such face shapes and clustered pearl earrings that dangle would be a good choice to achieve this. Elongated curves in the earrings should be preferred as they will accentuate the cheekbones and minimize the length of the face.


As opposed to long faces, the jewellery should give an elongated look to the face structure. Thus, teardrop and dangle earrings could be a good choice. But you need to ensure that the design is angular rather than being rounded.


These faces tend to have strong cheekbones and the earrings should soften their appearance. Hence, rounded designs, slightly elongated, would be a very good choice. Trendy oversized hoops are also a good option.


Dangles, teardrops and chandeliers are apt for this face structure. Make sure that the design features elongated curves as these will draw attention towards the cheekbones, jawline and eyes.


Dangles and hoops will work well with this face structure but care has to be taken to select ones with soft curves. Exaggerated curves could further accentuate the already sharp cheeks and jawline. Thus, they should be avoided.

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